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NWP Alessandria, a Nordic Walking School, is mainly devoted to spread the idea of a physical activity focused on wellbeing rather than on competition. A sport for everyone to be practised outdoor in any season, with any climate, to recover or maintain physical fitness, directly in contact with nature.

Nordic Walking was indeed born as a simple sport: those who practice it for a while soon realize that it is not only a good way to keep trained, but it also translates into excellent opportunities for recreation, animated aggregation, to discover unknown places, with a new feeling for the environment.

In a past, not so long ago, it was customary to move only with the use of one’s legs and feet, a habit that has been lost with the raise and spread of infrastructures and means of transports: as a consequence, while reducing the distances and accelerating the moves, it altered the integrity of the landscape by taking away from the people the pleasure of walking long distances or doing simple walks. ANWI Alessandria, Nordic Walking school, has designed a project of different "paths" aimed to enhance the area and accommodation facilities on it in order to allow to go back to the pleasure of walking.

This project involves the construction of hiking areas by private owners of accommodation facilities, to make them available to their Guests as well as to those who want to use the area where the infrastructure is located. Creating a network of hiking trails in the vicinity of a hotel brings added value to the hotel itself and inspires media interest to promote the area. A distinguished element of this project is the fact that everything is made by private individuals, without interference and participation from local authorities, in order to genuinely promote their business and the area hosting it.

The area has been studied by our expert cartographers who made a first cartographic survey, then verified the path on site, delivering the necessary signage and keeping the same in good shape to have a more efficient and viable network. Following, a census in the Land Registry Regional Trail, GPS surveys carried out by our engineers, mapping and an app that accompanies the hiker, the issuing of mini-guides and maps with indication of points of interest and attractions to visitors, the disclosure on the web are some of the complementary and essential elements in order to create added value to our project. Tailor suited pick-up services directly managed by our instructors can also be provided.

Our Instructors are All registered ANWI instructors: in addition to their sports training approved by CONI (National Italian Olympic Committee), by means of the protocol from the National Center for Educational in Sports, our instructors know the territories covered by our paths, and are also fluent in French and English.

The project currently develops through two accommodation structures that have signed-in: Agriturismo Cerola in Altavilla Monferrato and La Fermata Resort in Spinetta Marengo. Both of them with a purpose aiming to go beyond the business: enhancing the area where they are located.

The first highlighting an area of ​​great interest and beauty very close to the city of Alessandria and the historically famous location of the Marengo Battle back in 1800. Its own network of footpaths, equipped with GPS tracking, census, signage, promotional material.

Our intent is to involve another two / three hotel companies and / or catering during the year, creating a private network of footpaths on the territory of the province that will interact with each other.

Nordic Walking School Alessandria also intends to publish a guide that collects the global paths of individual structures joining the project. The realization of this guide will allow us to sell to foreign tour operators attractions and excursions in the area and structures participating to the to the project, creating a private consortium to promote tourism.

It is our dream that the paths being developed in this period, coupled with the interest this generates in the tourism industry, will help us build a totally privately managed network capable of offering a unique and innovative service.


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