La Fermata Golf Club Resort

La Fermata Resort is located in Spinetta Marengo, a suburb of Alessandria, on the borders of Monferrato. Our resort recovers, preserves and passes on the experience of the seventeenth century, while enhancing the modernity and comfort, using the values of the kitchen and hospitality.

Territory and traditions are the common denominators that characterize and inspire this site. The vision, from which it all began, and where everything continues, was that of a dream, an ideal experience to live and share, tailored to our exclusive guests.

La Fermata Resort draws its inspiration from «the territory, the history, human wandering eternal and cyclical meaning». It is inspired by «Il Milione», work represented in the form of calligrams on the boards of the great hall, where Marco Polo talks about his travel to Rustichello da Pisa.

Here is our philosophy: welcome all the Marco Polos in the world who may want to «stop» and share their travel. Eleven rooms and suites, each one different from the other with exclusive pieces of furniture. Bathrooms are equipped with showers, baths and jacuzzi tubs; the rooms and suites for our guests are furnished with carefully selected antique furnishings, curtains and carpets. All without forgetting ease and technology.

The place where La Fermata Resort lies, together with the attention to details, were the source of inspiration. Most of the rooms have vaulted ceilings, an inheritance of the old dwelling.

The bathrooms offer guests the maximum comfort combined perfectly with modern technology, keeping in line with the philosophy of the Resort, esteemed and sought after elements, symbols of a delicate place, cozy and warm. Each one offers a spacious shower, a bath and many, also, a spa tub.

The line followed guide, recognizable in each of the rooms, is the inspiration deriving from the territory, rich in history and traditions, which stands La Fermata Resort, carefully combined with meticulous attention to detail. Among the major legacies of history still present in the old house, there are vaulted ceilings, with exposed brick restored to their former glory, that characterize most of the rooms.

The love for food and at the same time the love for the typical flavours of North Italy find the perfect combination in the recipes proposed by La Fermata Restaurant. It has its origin in the way of see and get close to the cooking art of the Chef Riccardo Aiachini. The restaurant, already famous in the 1987, found its new home in 2006, in the elegant context of La Fermata Resort.

The exclusive and polished atmosphere that distinguish the restaurant hall accompanies the guests in the discovery of the flavours and the emotions, that only the dishes prepared by the Chef, with passion and a pinch of simplicity, can transmit. The piedmontese cooking tradition is perfectly recognizable in the careful selection of the raw materials.

Created in 2012, the Golf Club is Resort open space. The driving range is reachable with a small road running the length of the farmhouse. From here, through pines, flowers, leverets and a small stream, it is possible to reach the grass areas, and the watchword is: fun. At the end of the training session, you can enjoy an aperitif on the course, as well as a fascinating sunset.

Monferrato and the surrounding area in Alessandria territories are full of nature, perfumes, activities to be lived, experiences to share. Various and different are the ways of "exploring" and know the surrounding hills and countryside. While enjoying a glass of wine, cooking the typical products of our area, going to the discovery of the territory by bicycle or on horseback, to experience the thrill of a real truffle hunt; our resort offers the possibility of organizing one or more experiences.

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