Try experience to sleep in a caste

Try the magic experience to sleep in a castle, as knights and ladies of yesteryear. This small suite the atmosphere is truly romantic: high ceilings, period furnishings, breathtaking panoramic views, an incredible silence ... and the evening sky red sunsets behind the Alps. A unique experience ! We propose a simple cuisine, the rediscovery of the genuine Italian flavors, prepared with our products: vegetables, fruits, eggs and herbs. Rediscover the traditional dishes such as vitello tonnato, agnolotti, boiled, rabbit, polenta, "bagna cauda" (fragrant Italian extra virgin olive oil sauce with the nearby meditterraneo Tues anchovies flavored with garlic). The bread and pasta made by us. Discover an extraordinary taste in the most ordinary ingredients.

In the summer heat you will find fresh and tasty salads with vegetables freshly picked from the garden and a delicious homemade ice cream with our fruit for a nice midday snack by the pool. For an aperitif, a brunch, a snack a bit 'special you

delight in the warm scones with herbs, flowers of breaded zucchini, sausage with beans, stuffed vegetables.

You can enjoy a traditional lunch while admiring the magical palette of fall colors on our hills, try the classic "tasting menu" ... And remember that you are in the middle of the famous vineyards dell'Astigiano, the land of Barbera, of 'Asti Spumante and Brachetto: accompany your meal with a glass of wine!

On beautiful summer mornings you'll like to have breakfast in the meadow, the scent of flowers and the chirping of birds and take a dip in the pool and relax lying in the sun, in the company of your favorite book

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