Locanda dell'Arte, a gallery hotel in Monferrato

In lower Monferrato on a small rise, stands the village of Solonghello. Situated half way between a loop of the River Po and its tributary, the Stura, Solonghello is dominated by an imposing medieval castle, testimony to the rich store of history that is, in fact, everywhere in evidence.

From Solonghello the Cerrina Valley opens out and stretches to the Sacred Mountain of Crea. Circling the wooded hills, the sanctuary which has for centuries attracted visitors and pilgrims, is today protected by UNESCO and provides a regional park that is guardian of the art works in the area, and the natural environment.

The idea of the Locanda dell’Arte was born of the love of one family for their house at Solonghello. The family gathered for holidays and weekends in the old villa, which has its origins in the fourteenth century and was restructured in the Napoleonic period. Beside their house there stood another building, the seventeenth century landowner’s house, which later became the infant school run by the Sisters. The idea turned into a project: to transform the historical building next door, rich in suggestions, into a beautiful, warm, inviting house.

The choice of name for the Locanda dell’Arte is a testimony to a love that is everywhere transparent. The Locanda is in fact a small museum inn, where guests can stay and rest near important art works. Also in the common spaces, you will be able to find prints and paintings to admire, art books to browse occasionally, carefully put together small exhibitions. There are paintings, lithographs and etching of artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Rouault, and Campigli.

The fifteen apartments of the Locanda face the courtyard, as houses face the piazza of a small Italian village, and each apartment is unique. It is a lovely addition, on a holiday with friends, to have the pleasure of discovering the one-of-a-kind spaces, where you can stay and have your friends into your suite, as if it were your own home.

The rooms offer the comforts and services of a modern hotel without abandoning the distinct fascination of an old residence: warm parquet floors, comfortable furnishing and for many, splendid views of the hills. The apartments offer maximum autonomy throughout the day: eight of these have fully equipped kitchens.

A tranquil place, a relaxing landscape, great food, ample and well-furnished and equipped spaces, an ambience that allows peace and concentration: it is the ideal situation for outdoor training for businesses and organizations. The immediate contact with the nature offers the possibility of combining productive intellectual work and playful moments to simulation exercises.

Spa, salus per aquam… water is life, is well-being, is the health of the body and mind. With it we purify, and care for our spirit. Imagine movement and relaxation, swimming and sleeping, in times and rhythms that you choose to suit your own needs and desires throughout your vacation at the Locanda dell’Arte. During a romantic holiday, a journey with young children, or a weekend with friends, it is always delightful to take care of ourselves.

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